Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Internet Advertising is highly recommended

In many way the Internet has taken over daily routines, making them shorter, easier to manage and a lot more efficient.

In this post i will name 5 main reasons why you are encouraged to advertise on the web:

1. Direct marketing- you can use the internet to market directly to customers who are searching for your services by adding key words and addressing exact shoppers.

2. Affiliate marketing- using the internet you can maximize the reach by letting others work for you as affiliates. They will promote your business/ products for a commission base that you set up!

3. Local results in a global village. Google, Yahoo and MSN offer you a local directory with business. the local directory comes up whenever you search for a product or service in a specific area. thus when a customer is looking for your type of service in your area you can be seen. the vast majority of online consumer search is conducted via these channels.

4. Unlimited reach- the internet has no borders, anyone and everyone can potentially see your website!

5. Anyone can do it- and so can you! there is no limit to who can become an online business. if you build it they will come!

one last bonus reason just for you:

6. Unlimited flexibility- the internet is your best source for sales, updates etc'. every change you make can be instantly seen worldwide, you no longer have to get pissed off if your publisher messed up your phone number or address or name, a simple phone call to your webmaster will make it right in moments!

Good luck to us all


Sunday, June 22, 2008

My new website

Hamlaza :

This is a new web site that i have created for people to share their recommendations :)
in hebrew
in english

you are more than welcome to come and share your recommendation!!!


Saturday, February 17, 2007


Hi there.
If you've come this far it must mean that you have some sort of need or passion to recommend.
This blog is dedicated to all of you, who feel that you've never been able to find the right recommenations that fit your needs....
I encourage you all to take part in the growing process of becoming the ultimate recommender!
Wishing you the warmest of welcomes